Bicester Bowls Club was founded in 1862..... Even in those days it was becoming a young person's game.
 Bicester Bowls Club originally played their games on the green behind the King's Head pub on the London road, but they relocated to their present location The Garth in 1951, the barn that was already on site was converted into its present day club house. The offical opening of the green took place in 1951 when Bicester played against the OBA with the president from Bicester that year,  his name was W.F. Baughan.
 Bicester Bowls Club First OBA President W.F.Baughan, became president in 1951, the same year as the opening of the current green location.
 Bicester Bowls Club had to wait 79 years before winning the County Fours again, this was achieved by J.King, J.Nicholls, M.Workman and P.Hooley in 1995.
 Bicester Bowls Club had to wait some years for our next OBA President which came in 2003, this time Bicester Bowls Club was represented by M.Workman.
 Bicester Bowls Club has been well represented with the OWBA over the years with three Presidents
 Mrs.V.M.Plater in 1988
 Mrs.C.Douglas in
 Mrs.R.Nash in 2003 making Bicester Bowls Club have both OWBA and OBA Presidents in the same year.